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"Simplicity. It is the ultimate complexity."
At Jiva, we are obsessed about simplicity. We believe that behind every business, there is an IT solution that is simple to operate; with intuitive interaction with its users and handles all your business needs with reliable robustness. To put it simply, a system you can always count on.
Introducing Flowmaster®: ERP done right.

It takes care of your business, so you can run your business without worrying the little things.

The brain of a prodigy.

At the core of Flowmaster, there is a computing system that is the brainchild of the professionals at Jiva. Based on our vision that an ERP software must be smart yet strong, comprehensive yet simple, and is a pleasure to operate, our team at Jiva has answered that demand in the form of Flowmaster. It is exactly your trusty sidekick.

One brain, many shapes.

No two businesses are run the same way. Yet in every field of industry, a good ERP system is essential. The modularity of Flowmaster enables it to adapt to every business model. Be it manufacturing, plantation, service industry and so on, there is nothing Flowmaster cannot do.

Tailor-made solutions. It fits like a glove.

Enterprise Consulting
Our Flowmaster® ERP excels on its adaptability while still maintaining good business practice therefore keeping your business advantage intact while giving you an edge of technology. In addition Flowmaster® ERP is readily customized for how businesses are run in Indonesia, which have significant differences from anywhere else in the world.

By working together, we can formulate in detail, the enterprise resource planning system that is most suited for your business needs. Our Implementation Team will make sure that you will get the most out of Flowmaster® ERP that is custom-fitted to your every requirement.
Custom Development
From corporate web portal to custom desktop application to booming mobile application. Whatever you want, make sure our crafty developer are the one behind your smooth running system. We offer the best developer to handle your programming needs.
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